All animals are current on their health and vaccinations

On this page, we will post listings and pictures of
Highland cows that we will offer for sale.
Inquiries are always welcome, arrangements can always be made.
Please check back occasionally for updates!

Additional information and multimedia is available upon request

Breeding Stock

All of the Highland Cattle of Hideaway Acres have been spoken for and/or sold as of July 21, 2019.

We want to thank everyone for their interest and past patronage!!

For those who are interested in purchasing Registered Highland Cattle:

We recommend the list below for initial contacts:

Jacquelyn Chotkowski - Spring Flight Farm - Elmira, NY

Judy Ligo - LiTerra Farm - Grove City, PA

Cindy Weideman - Schon Boden Farm - Osceola, WI

Jean Gruenert - Four T Acres - Burlington, WI

Sue Dyke - Almosta Farm - Magnet, NE

Laura McDowell-May - Seawind Meadows - Dennis, MA

Pat White - LEA-White Farm - Charlotte, MI

Skyler Anderson - Skye High Farm - Coldwater, MI

Erin Spring - Spring Mountain Farm - Lindley, NY

Dwight Eisenhauer - Bull Run Farm - Lehighton, PA

There is also an auction in North Carolina in October:

Southeast Highland Cattle Auction

The American Highland Cattle Association has an online member list that can be a great resource for contacts and potential animal sales.

AHCA members who are diligent with herdsmanship, AHCA registrations, & herd health would be a good choice


All steers are raised in a humane and stress free environment, and are maintained according to BQA guidelines. 

No hormones, extra feeding, antibiotics, or medication have been given.. beyond our normal vaccination and feeding routine.

Thank you to Mark Smith, Pittsburgher Highlands, of Pittsburgh, PA on his 2017 purchase of HWA Huck, HWA Heath, and HWA Hazzard!

Thank you to Dallas & Sue Bryan of Kittanning, PA for their 2017 purchase of HWA Garth!

Thank you to Sean & Kateri Ridgway of Sandy Spring, OK for their 2017 purchase of HWA Finley!

Thank you to Mark Strader and Sarah Gartland, Heritage Oaks Farm, of Newton Falls, OH on their 2016 purchase of HWA Garrett and HWA Henry!

Thank you to Clarence & Rhonda Camara of Dallas, WV for their 2014 purchase of HWA Fergus and 2015 purchase of HWA George!

Thank you to Aaron and Carla Hughes of Fredonia, PA on their 2015 purchase of HWA Frannie, HWA Frankie, & HWA Faith!

Thank you to Daniel & Marlena Blandford of Sweetwater, TN for their 2014 purchase of

Misty Morn's Brutus 08!

Thank you to Laura McDowell-May, Seawind Meadows, of Dennis, MA for her 2014 purchase of HWA Erick & HWA Flint, and her 2015 purchase of HWA Fritz!

Thank you to Dwight and Marianne Eisenhauer, Bull Run Farm, of Lehighton, PA for their

2014 purchase of HWA Duncan, and their 2017 purchase of HWA Hank and HWA Harley!

Thank you to Daryl and Mindy MtCastle of Cassville, MO for their 2014 purchase of HWA Eclipse!

Thank you to Erica and Drew Wilson of East Palestine, OH for their 2014 purchase of 

HWA Evelyn and HWA Emma!

Thank you to Matt Burton of Sandy Hook, MS for his 2014 purchase of HWA Elijah!

Thank you to Chet Welch of Leechburg, PA for his 2013 purchase of HWA Dixie, HWA Darci, and HWA Diamond Jubilee... and for his 2012 purchase of HWA Lady Catherine!

Thank you to Thomas and Karen Wallace of Beallsville, OH for their 2013 purchase of HWA Dawn's Early Light, HWA Dusty Rose, and HWA Diesel.

Thank you to Chris and Vanessa Berhalter of Martins Ferry, OH for their 2012 purchase of HWA Casey!

Thank you to Ron and Carrie Hall of Utica, OH for their 2011 purchase of HWA Bullitt!