Who We Are

Hideaway Acres started its Scottish Highland breeding operation in December of 2009, with the purchase of Bunnie, Rachel, and Brutus from Misty Morn Farm near Cambridge, Ohio.  

The property used has been family owned for over 50 years, and has been operated as a working farm for well over 100 years. That level of familiarity with the ground and neighbors allows Hideaway Acres to maximize the placement and use of spring water feeders, fences and gates, buildings, and access roads... while also enabling beneficial uses of neighboring properties to expand and enhance its farming capability.

Interesting Facts

Our breeding herd consists of 8 females bred by 6 different farms in 5 states.
  • Bunnie, Rachel - Misty Morn Farm, Cambridge, Ohio
  • Sweetness, Spice - RGC Farm, Moundsville, WV
  • Aussie - LiTerra Farm, Grove City, PA
  • Fiona - Spring Flight Farm, Elmira, NY
  • Mocha - Little Heaven Farm, Mars, PA
  • Opal - Schon Boden Farm, Osceola, WI

Until acquiring their first cows in 2009, none of the people involved with Hideaway Acres had been to a livestock show of any kind, for any species (including county fairs).

---More to come---

Hideaway Acres owner Audie Bednarczyk leading HWA Finley while Jacquelyn Chotkowski of Spring Flight Farm, Elmira NY leads Spring Flight Fiona in the Cow/Calf division of the 2014 MAHA Spring Classic
HWA Duncan, a home-bred product of Brutus and Spice, Grand Champion Purebred Highland Steer at the 2014 MAHA Spring Classic

Fritz, a full brother to Duncan.  2015 Grand Champion Purebred Steer at the Virginia Beef Expo

LiTerra Aussie & Heaven Farm April.  2015 Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition.

Why Us?

We raise Highland Cattle in a low impact and low stress forage environment, following Beef Quality Assurance

guidelines for health and management.  

Our cattle receive minimal feed supplements, and do travel a few miles per day over varied terrain and elevations.